How to Tell Your Air Conditioner on the Fritz

How to Tell Your Air Conditioner on the Fritz

How to Tell Your Air Conditioner on the Fritz


As temperatures soar, a functioning air conditioner isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. But how do you know when your cooling companion is about to call it quits? Recognizing the signs early could save you from sweltering summer days. If you're in Central Florida and suspect your AC might be failing, staying informed about the health of your system is crucial. For those already encountering issues, Discount Air Supply is your go-to for all HVAC supplies.


Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Be Failing

1. Inadequate Cooling

Your living room has turned into a sauna, yet your air conditioner is running non-stop. Inadequate cooling is a clear sign something's amiss.

2. Unusual Noises

Gone are the days of your AC's gentle hum. If it's now sounding more like a rock concert, it's time to pay attention.

3. Increased Energy Bills

An unexplained spike in your energy bills could indicate your air conditioner is working harder than it should.

4. Frequent Cycles

Your AC should go through relatively routine cooling cycles. If it's turning on and off more frequently, it's a sign of distress.

5. Moisture or Leakage Around the System

Noticed any leaks or moisture around your AC unit? It's not just a safety hazard; it's a sign your air conditioner might be failing.

6. Bad Odors

If turning on your AC brings a wave of unpleasant odors, it's a clear indication that your system needs a professional look.

7. Weak Airflow

A noticeable decrease in airflow could mean your air conditioner's compressor is on its last legs.

Why Early Detection Matters

Catching these signs early can prevent a total system breakdown, saving you money and discomfort in the long run. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are key to extending the life of your AC unit.

How Discount Air Supply Can Help

If you're facing any of the issues mentioned, it's time to take action. Discount Air Supply offers a wide range of HVAC supplies in Central Florida, from replacement parts to new units. With our products, you can ensure your air conditioner remains in top condition, keeping your home comfortable all year round.



Don't wait until you're facing the unbearable heat without a functioning AC. Recognize the signs of a failing air conditioner and act swiftly to address them.  Discount Air Supply is here to support you with the best HVAC supplies in Central Florida. Contact us today for more information and ensure your home remains a cool sanctuary.

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