Why You Should Shut the Windows while the AC Runs

Why You Should Shut the Windows while the AC Runs

Why You Should Shut the Windows while the AC Runs


In Florida's hot and humid climate, an air conditioner is a home necessity. An AC unit can turn a suffocating room into an oasis of comfort. Also, opening your windows is always an inviting option when you want to enjoy fresh air and a cool breeze. However, have you ever thought about closing your windows while the AC runs? In this post, we'll dive into why shutting your windows while your AC runs is the best way to get maximum comfort from your cooling system.


1. Traps Cool Air Inside

The leading reason for closing your windows while your AC runs is to help trap the cool air inside. Open windows let in hot air, causing your AC system to work even harder to cool down space. It's not easy for an air conditioner to cool the inside air to a comfortable temperature since the hot air from outside is constantly coming in. By sealing windows shut, you help your AC keep the inside air cool and prevent the hot air from flowing into space.

2. Reduces Energy Bills

If you leave your windows open while using air conditioning, you're practically throwing your money away. As stated, open windows force the AC system to work harder and ultimately use more energy. Such habits can cause a drastic increase in your monthly energy bill. Shutting your windows and using the AC as intended is the best and optimal way to save on energy bills.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

When you shut the windows, you're not just keeping the cool air inside; you're also keeping the pollutants outside. Open windows let harmful pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust, dirt, and smog seep into your home. Such pollutants can cause health problems, especially those with allergy symptoms. Shutting your windows can keep unwanted elements from polluting the air quality indoors.

4. Improves AC Efficiency

When you shut the windows, the AC system works more efficiently. An air conditioner's primary function is to keep the indoor temperature cool. The thermostat tells the AC when it's time to turn on and off, depends on the temperature needed. Leaving your windows open can cause your AC unit to run longer than necessary. Shutting the windows will help your AC work as intended and help it shut off more frequently, creating a more efficient unit.

5. Longer Life for Your AC

Closing your windows while your AC runs will increase its lifespan. When AC units work harder, it puts extra strain on the components. If aimed at keeping the home cool and less energy used, your AC unit will last longer, requiring fewer repairs. By lowering the workload of the AC, you reduce the potential for a breakdown and extend its lifetime.



Though opening your windows seems like a great idea, it doesn't help your air conditioning unit work efficiently and increases energy consumption. Keeping windows sealed while the AC is running is the optimal way to get maximum comfort from your cooling system. For those looking for AC supplies in Florida, Discount Air Supply can provide top-notch equipment and expert advice. Remember the benefits of shutting your windows when your AC is running: energy savings, improved indoor air quality, better AC system efficiency, more extended AC lifespan, and cleaner air.

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